Top 3 Things I’ve Learned As Mentally Ill Creative

All creative people have their ups and downs. We all sometimes lose our motivation, search for new inspiration and so on. But being creative person with mental illness is slightly different.

So, what I have learned being aspiring creative and mentally ill for 12 years? I want to share top 3 things to do or not to do, if you and I have something common.


#1 Do not be harsh on yourself

I know, I know! You must be rolling your eyes right now, because it is so basic advice, but, for some reason, most aspiring creatives (including me) do not listen to it and by that completely ruin their self-esteem sometimes. If you did something wrong (how only you may think) don’t punish yourself and don’t think: “I am a loser”. Your failures don’t define who you are, remember that! When I was playing a chess in a team in high school times, I remember my coach saying: “To win one game, you must lose a hundred”. And it is totally true. Practice makes perfect – is one more thing to remember.

#2 Choose the right moment

This was a huge revelation for me on some point of my life. I have a rule, which I wrote in my journal: “Do not start learning or doing something new, if you have a bad mood or you have another episode of you illness.” If you start to learn a new skill (and creative people always tend to learn something new), choose the moment when you are inspired, motivated and calm, – I learned it the hard way. In other case you will feel horrible if something goes wrong or you don’t succeed. If you must learn a new skill in order to create something for your creative business or even a hobby, find the best time for that.

#3 Do things in bulk

This is the pretty simple. This tip will especially will help those, who have a creative business, like Etsy shop or other type of creative income streams. When you feel uplifted, inspired and in good mood, do the things you must to do on a regular basis in a bulk. In this case you will not have to worry about some things you can’t do for your business, if you feel down. For instance, if you have a bunch of good photos for your Instagram business account, you can easily post one of them, even if you aren’t in mood to create creative and quality content. Simple trick which you can use.

So, now you know a few simple lessons I learned in my life of aspiring creative person. I still experience some bad moments not only in my personal life overall, but even in my business because of the fight we all must face. But unless we are dead, we all are a winners, don’t we?

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Have a nice day!