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MY CREATIVE PROCESS (with pictures)

In this article I would love to share with you behind-the-scenes of my creations. This is quite personal for me because nobody ever had seen me working on my creative art projects. So, let’s dive in!



Every creative process starts with inspiration and gathering ideas. Also I love to create a right vibes and atmosphere in my workplace to stay motivated till the end of my working process. Ideas for my illustrations usually comes from watching high fashion designer’s fashion shows on YouTube. This is also where I get most of my inspiration. Pinterest is also a great place where I look for ideas, I love to create mood boards which help me to stay inspired throughout the entire process of working on some project. Fashion magazines is a great option to gather some ideas and see some trending items. But how do these all ideas materialize? Let’s find out!

Actual creative process

When idea came to mind it is now time to sketch it on paper. I use pencils to sketch my ideas in my old sketch book which physical condition is not appropriate to show publicly. πŸ™‚


After that I use sharpie to create bold line over a fashion figure before I copy that on other piece of paper using lightbox.


Sketch I created in very beginning stays in my sketches collection. I keep them all. I don’t know why, but there is something special in these sketches and I am emotionally drawn to them. Tell me in the comments below, am I the only one?

When sketch is transferred to drawing paper, starts my favorite part – coloring that fashion figure. My favorite coloring part is when I draw figure’s skin. I literally can feel how this pale sketch gets a light tan and becomes alive in front of my eyes.


Usually I use coloring or watercolor pencils, but often I combine it with some watercolor and even gouache to get more bright and dense color.


That’s how my creative process looks like. Of course this is only β€œthe top of iceberg.” Most of creative process happens in our brains and we can’t see that or understand completely.

Very soon (in June) you will be able to purchase this or other my illustrations in my Etsy shop, but for now you can get a 20% discount coupon code for your first purchase in my Etsy shop. Get it HERE!

Thank you for reading this, have a nice day!



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